Our experts assess your environment to come up with the tools needed for your environment. Our team will run the tests with the industry leading tools, reviews the reports outcome to remove false positives. The elimination false positives will help your team to work with respective vendors to quickly address the identified issues. Our team of experts will work with you to do the exception handling and risk profiling.

ZEEKO team has expertise in all forms of PEN test areas, the tests are performed as per the organization needs and broadly classified into any of the below categories:

  • Black box testing
  • While box testing
  • Gray box testing

The PEN tests performed areas are Network testing and Exploitation, Website & Application Penetration Testing, Wireless Network Penetration Testing, Physical penetration testing, Social Engineering Tests and Cloud penetration testing and may vary based on your needs.

The service will cover:

  • Identify stake holders and project team Gap Analysis (between organisation's actual IS controls against the certified/followed compliance standards, example ISO 27001)
  • Review Existing Security Policies and Standards
  • Identify Risk Exposures
  • Assess Current Security Status
  • Provide Recommendations

Our Information security expert team will work with you to define and

  • Calculate CIA score and define asset sensitivity
  • Assess the impact and likely hood of threats and exposures for the assets
  • Redefine risk exposures with respect to the threat level rating

Our CISO advisory service fills the gap of dedicated CISO role in organization, our expert CISO resource will provide the strategic guidance for your organization to define your security strategy.

  • Organizational relation with top management in terms of reporting, strategic& policy planning, risks & safeguards, Reports& Metrics and Security objectives and improvements.
  • Develop, implement and maintain Compliance
  • Draft and maintain information security documents
  • Risk Management
  • Internal & 3rd Party Audits
  • Incident monitoring & management
  • Technical Staff Training & Awareness trainings

ZEEKO is a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) / Intelligent Automation service provider in Malaysia.

Our Robotic Process Automation service improves compliance, speed and reliability to your business processes.

It's time to consider for the future of workspace, by putting an end to mundane tasks and enable teams to use their skills to support value-added tasks and strategic.

We help you to achieve Employee Experience.

We build custom Proof of Concept to show automation can help your processes. PoC in a matter of days and ROI realization immediately.

Contact us and we will get in touch to do a process validation and quickly build a PoC.

We at ZEEKO have a 2 fold approach to Digital Transformation:

1. Conversational Bot

AI-Powered Chatbot, platform-agnostic and can be deployed to any Industry verticals. Automating level one technical troubleshooting, search assistance and guidance to end-users, fully customizable for your business value creation.

2. Analytics Solutions

Data and analytics are the key accelerators of an organization’s digitization and transformation efforts, Zeeko’s consultants have extensive experience and industry knowledge to shape up your digital transformation journey keeping the data as the centrepiece for your business decisions.